Landulph Parish Boundary map

Landulph Parish map


March 2015

Landulph Parish Designation Notice


September 2015 – NDP Constitution

NDP Constitution September 2015


October 2015 РInitial flyer


Public Consultation 1 November 2015 – Focus Group flyer


Focus Group flyer


Focus Group flyer reverse



Public Consultation 2 May 2016 – Open Day Flyer


Public Consultation 2 - Open Day Flyer front




November 2016 – Cornwall Local Plan adopted

Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies November 2016

Cornwall Local Plan Community Network Areas November 2016

(Landulph forms part of: PP17 Cornwall Gateway Community Network Area, page 71 onwards of the Community Network Areas document)


September 2018 – Pre-submission consultations: Community and Formal

The names of those who responded to the Community Consultation have been replaced with a number in order to protect individual identities.

Statutory Consultation – Community

Statutory Consultation – Formal