What is a neighbourhood plan?

 What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

  • Created by the local community, it provides a framework to guide local development.
  • A Plan enables us to influence the location, nature and scale of building in the parish; for example, where new homes could go and which areas shoud be protected.
  • Unlike the old Parish Plan, our Neighbourhood Plan will have real teeth. Once adopted, it has legal weight and becomes part of Cornwall Council’s planning regulations.
  • BUT – To be approved, it MUST reflect the needs and views of the local people like you.


Why do we need a Neighbourhood Plan?

  • There is increasing pressure to allow relatively large development in areas like Landulph.
  • With a Plan, we will have a major influence on the nature, scale and location of any development in the parish.
  • Without a Plan, decisions will be made elsewhere and our influence will be very limited